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Don't Worry About Your First Job Graduates, take note: Few people start their work life in the right place. So don't stress about your first job out of college. Chances are it's not going to predict your future field, income, or career path. Instead of looking for the perfect job, look for these three things: … Continúa leyendo HBR Tip del día para los recién graduados…


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Turn a Flaw into a Distinguishing Feature A hotel with no AC, mosquito-filled rooms, and no room service might appear to be flawed -- unless the hotel is an eco-tourism destination. Then those flaws become part of the "eco" experience. Many successful products and services sacrifice one feature (performance or style) in the name of … Continúa leyendo Tip of HBR

Tip of HBR

Organizations, like people, can get set in their ways. Relying on established ways of working and solving problems not only stifles innovation but can lead to a lack of perspective and moments of delusion. Here are three ways to help your organization snap out of unhelpful patterns: Challenge rationalizations. Every organization has shared explanations for … Continúa leyendo Tip of HBR